Powered By Your Phone
Designed For Your Car

Getting around made easy

Be ready to go with Scout GPS Link, a free daily personal navigator that helps you throughout your day with where to go and how to get there. From your daily commute to running errands to finding places, Scout GPS Link is always by your side, on your phone or in your car.

Your on-the-go companion app

Scout GPS Link is always with you on the go, whether you’re on your phone or in the car. All of your navigation routes, favorite locations and recent destinations are automatically transferred so there’s no retyping necessary. Launch the app and go!

Advanced driver-friendly features

Scout GPS Link connects directly to your car* so you can focus on the road ahead without fumbling with your phone. In the car, the features are optimized for the driving experience with large turn arrows and voice guided directions. *Scout GPS Link connects to select Lexus and Toyota vehicles

  • Stay in the know with a glance

    Your personalized home screen shows you your real-time, traffic based ETA so you know when to leave and what to expect.

  • Be productively lazy with predictive search

    Start typing and Scout GPS Link will predict what you’re looking for and start giving you relevant suggestions.

  • Hit the road with confidence

    Choose from up to three different driving routes and if traffic pops up along the way, Scout GPS Link will help you get around it.

  • Save your favorites

    This is no ordinary Like. Save all of the places you love, quickly find them and start your drive.

  • Know your next move

    See clear, easy to follow turn-by-turn arrows accompanied by voice guidance, so you always know what’s next.

  • Keep it easy on the eyes

    There’s no need to adjust the screen as day and night modes automatically change based on your driving environment to minimize glare.

  • Carry on with your multi-tasking

    Take calls and listen to your favorite songs while Scout GPS Link keeps you on route with audio guidance.

Experience Scout GPS Link In Your Car

Available in select 2017 ES, IS, NX, RC and RX vehicles with Display Audio. Easily use the Display Audio Controller to access Scout GPS Link and experience the safety and convenience of turn-by-turn directions in your car every time.

Available in select 2016 vehicles with Audio Plus. Your destinations are just one tap away in Scout GPS Link with Toyota’s easy-to-use touch screen design.

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